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This week we are looking into what it means to be grafted into Christ, into His body, into His Kingdom. 

Wednesday night:  Grafting occurs when full grown plants exhibit mature and productive fruits that are very good.  Grafting is a way to produce the best kind of trees and plants.  When one grafts from a mature plant onto a small growing plant it creates a replica of the good tree.  As we look at how God grafts us into His kingdom we see that when His kingdom is produced and blossoms in us it in fact because He has done the work and it is Him that we begin to see living in us.
    Scripture:  Romans 11:11-17                                        video watched:

Sunday morning: (Youth Sunday)  This time will be spent preparing and practicing for youth Sunday.

Sunday night: We will take a deeper look at all of Romans 11 to get a broader scope of what is being said about Gods chosen people and the Gentiles.
    Scripture:  Romans 11

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April 3,2013 5:15 PM

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