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"This" looks better than God...

This week we are going to vamp up for the following two weeks which will be focused on what sin does to us, and what it is about salvation that is better than sin.  This week we are simply going to look at the reality of sin, separation from God, and Heaven and Hell.

Wednesday:  We will start by simply asking these questions (please discuss them with your kids, so you can all be on the same page)
Does everyone go to heaven?
How does someone get to heaven?
What will heaven by like?  What will Hell be like?
What is God like?
What is sin like?
What is sin?
What does sin do?
  We will conclude that sin is simply deciding that "this" (whatever this is; lying, stealing, breaking the law, etc..) is better than God.  We live in a world that constantly barrages us with messages and lies that try to convince us that an infinite number of things that this world has to offer are immeasurably better than God and if we don't 'work out' then we will be completely helpless and weak against the weight and temptations of the world.  We will watch a video (linked) of a high schooler who is able to bench press 700 lbs.  A feat not accomplished flippantly or easily. We will look at the reality of sin weighing in and the absolute for Christ.  The love and compassion that Christ had for us by deciding that when we thought "this" was better than God He still chose to be better for us than "this".
   Scripture:  Romans 5:8, 1 John 3:5-11, Matthew 7:21-23


Sunday Morning:  We will read through 1 John 3 entirely to look at the depth of Gods love, the seriousness of our choices when we've come into contact with God and the impact our decisions to choose other things over and against God has on our relationship with Him and others.
   Scripture:  1 John 3

Sunday Night:  We will put into action 1 John 3 by going out and serving an elderly woman in our community by picking up her yard and practicing loving her and loving each other.  This will be an event that occurs after coming to my house at 6pm, so I will still need permission slips.  (I have generic ones that cover all events like these so please make sure I have one on file for you and your child)  We will be planning on only spending about an hour outside then regrouping to debrief and talk about it. 

Grace and Love,


May 15,2013 6:06 PM

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