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Relationships and Loss

Monday:  We continued to consider what faith is without action by finishing up chapter 2 of James.  We each looked forward throughout the next week and decided in certain circumstances where we would choose to take action because of our faith, and not simply act on it but to express the significance of our actions based on our faith in Jesus Christ to those we are interacting with.

Wednesday:  We will be concluding the semester that we've spent looking at Relationships with a look at Loss in our relationships.  This loss will cover relationships that have grown distant, relationships that have completely been terminated by ones choice or actions, loss through an earthly death as well as the feeling of losing something in ourselves through an experience we've had in a relationship.  We will be addressing how in each of these circumstances Jesus experienced loss and not simply how He handled these situations but why.  The significance that Jesus intentionally acted in a way that was submissive to God for the sake of His glory and we will look at why that should matter to us and why we should care to react the same way. 
    Scripture:  Matthew 26:56, John 11:17-19, 38-44, Mark 14:32-46

Sunday Morning:  Last week we pushed through the first part of Genesis chapter 9, and held discussion with our LCU guests about the age of the earth.  This week we will spend the morning planning a "Secret Santa" for the youth and bringing together our Youth Sunday schedule.

Sunday Night:  We will be continuing in 1 Timothy by getting into chapter 5.  Emilee will be leading the discussion and study.

December 2,2013 11:23 AM

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