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Main: God uses Elijah
JH: Greta will be continuing the discussion of relationships that honor God. 
HS: Emilee will be teaching about the Death Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  There are many people in our world today, even some who consider themselves theologians who have come up with ideas that try to discredit or disprove the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Emilee will briefly cover a few of the main ideas that people have come up with and will debunk them for us. 

High School ____

Saturday:  After watching "God's not dead" on Sunday we all decided that the message of Christ is urgent, but a lot of us don't know how to start the conversation.  So we decided that a good way to move forward would be to invite our friends that don't know Jesus.  (This experiment is for the High Schoolers, but I encourage you to give this a try as well)  We will be covering the cost of the ticket for the friend who does not know Jesus, as an opportunity to get them to participate in the conversation.  Although we will do this together, we will not travel to the theater as a whole group.  This is an activity that we will do as an activity (unofficial) and solely led by the kids.  We will help arrange traveling if need be, however to keep if from being a "Church" event we won't be taking the church van or traveling together as a group. We will be attending a matinee to keep costs down, yet the theater has not posted times for this film for Saturday yet. (We will keep you posted)

Sunday morning: We will continue through Genesis and our encounter with Abraham by continuing on into Gen 18

Sunday night:  We will get our small groups going again at 6pm taking a look at Spiritual gifts.

Monday morning: We will begin the wrap up of James as we wind down to the end of James chapter 5. Noah will be leading Bible Study.

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