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Where's Waldo? - How do I follow God when it's hard too?

This week we are going to focus on the promises of God and the glory of an eternity with the life creator as the strength and help in our times of our difficulty in pursuing and following Him.

Wednesday Night:  We will be trying to 'find Waldo'.  Distinguishing between the things we are looking for and pursuing the 'Good' in life (God) and the things that try to convince us that it is what we want instead of God.  It gets hard to follow God when we are seeking other things, when looking for Waldo isn't desirable anymore, when I'd rather look at the funny pictures instead of Waldo.  When it gets hard to follow the strength that keeps us going according to His word is found in His promises.  We focus on His promises not our ability to accomplish being godly when it gets hard. (Ask your kids for the promise they brought home with them)
Scripture:  2 Peter 1:3-4, Jeremiah 29:11-14a

Sunday Morning:  Developing certain attributes in our lives keeps us on track when we are finding it hard to pursue God.  When we are just going through the motions we second guess our direction and even our salvation.  This makes it hard to follow God.  When we are allowing the spirit to develop in us faith, and virtue, and knowledge, and self-control, and steadfastness, and godliness, and brotherly affection and love then God develops in us the ability to follow Him even when it's hard.
Scripture: 2 Peter 1:3-15

Sunday Night:  As we continue to try to focus on God's promises we look forward to our eternity with the life creator and pursue that end not our own goals or what we think this life should look like or hope that we hold onto in this life but instead in the life to come.
Scripture: Matthew 24:13-14, Revelation 20-21

February 13,2013 12:21 PM

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