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A New Bed. - Why put my faith in God (Jesus)?

Wednesday night:   We have a guest speaker via Skype.  Nathaniel Iman will be teaching why we should put our faith in Jesus (God).  He will be addressing the significance of just trusting in and submitting to God and His love versus holding onto the things in our lives that we love, or want, or simply can't let go of.  We will look at two stories where people are put at odds with the life they are holding onto when Christ says "follow me... solely"
    Scripture: Luke 18:18-27, Luke 19:1-10

Sunday Morning:   We will be looking at the significance of our sin seen through the blood of Christ on the cross, how this makes Him our forever High Priest and why that secures us as royal priests under His reign.  Our sin is viewed as removed because it is unintentional (all sin, save blasphemy of the Holy Spirit), and as those who sin unintentionally can live in the cities of refuge (old testament) and will be protected by the High Priest and there they will live on equal standing with the priests of the city.
    Scripture:  Joshua 20:1-6, Luke 23:34, Hebrews 5:1-6

Sunday Night:  We will be focusing on the example that Jesus lived by humbling himself to be one who would also have to chose to put His faith in God and obey Gods law.  We will see the importance of the choice that He made and it's affect on us.
    Scripture:  Luke 4:1-13, Philippians 2:5-11

A New Bed... We needed a new bed and dug in our heels from buying the one we needed because it cost too much.  We find that resting in Christ is what we truly need but it is costly and we are confronted with the choice of trusting Him or holding onto our own purposes.

Here is a video that we used in preparation for the topic...   

February 20,2013 9:44 AM

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