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Slaves and Fruit... what is freedom? - Where You At?

This week we are diverting from the list posted on the Where You At lesson list.  We've found that a number of our brothers and sisters in the youth group are struggling with being ensnared by darkness and despair without knowing where it is coming from.

Wednesday night:  We are going to focus on the two trees in the garden and how the tree of the knowledge of good and evil keeps us from seeing, experiencing and knowing the life that we were made to be a part of.  Jesus teaches that sin is like slavery and we are going to explore how we feel trapped in our hearts and minds but that Jesus offers us a freedom that comes from believing in and submitting to Jesus.  If you are freed by the son, that's when you're actually free...
    Scripture:  Genesis 2-3, John 8:34-36, John 10:10

                   This is the link to the video we will be watching Wednesday night -

Sunday morning:  we will focus on Paul's perspective on slavery to sin and how a single offense brings death, and Christ's single offering of His free gift of freedom brings life. 
    Scripture:  Galatians 5:1, Romans 5:15-18, Romans 6:16-22

Sunday night:  We will get together and focus on true freedom and idea of what it means to be freed from sin but slaves to righteousness as Children of God.
    Scripture:   Romans 5-6, Matthew 17:24-26

February 27,2013 5:53 PM

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