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How to repent -

Wednesday Night:  We will be addressing the parables that Jesus tells in Luke 15 about the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son through the lens of  Jesus Christ.  We see repentance, even in the church that Christ has established through the eyes of the law abiding Jew and are convinced that if I don't stop being a bad person or stop doing bad things then I will be going to hell and can't get into heaven.  This was the way those under the law tried to find salvation, but Jesus calls us to simply let Him find us, pick us up, carry us, mold us, reclaim us and restore us.  We talked about this on Sunday but will be focusing on it's application for the youth.
   Scripture:  Luke 15      video: 

Sunday Morning:  We will view an Old Testament view of what it looked like to repent under the law and how that has bled over into the New Testament church.  We will explore the differences and the reasons for the differences between OT and NT views on salvation, God's love and His call for our repentance.
    Scripture:  Psalm 51:12-19, 2 Chronicles 7:14,

Sunday Night:  We will be looking at how to live a life of NT repentance daily by walking in the spirit (We will be addressing the spirit specifically later)
   Scripture: Romans 8

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