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Born - A Whole New Identity (in JC)

This week we will be taking a look at our own identities, the identity of Christ, and a little bit about what it looks like to put on Christ as out identity.  The video we made for our lessons this week... link:

Wednesday Night:  No HIN, but we are still meeting and going to have a smaller lesson for both J.H and S.H..  We will focus on an aspect of Christ's identity that also struggled with acceptance and happiness in a world that doesn't know or want to know God.  We will be looking at our identity in light of trying to figure out who we are as sons and daughters, students, boys and girls looking at becoming men and women, hope in hopelessness and trying to figure out who Jesus is on top of all of that.
   Scripture:  Matthew 26:38, Romans 13:14

Sunday Morning:  We will focus our attention on what it looks like to practice an identity in Christ, doing what He did, thinking like He did, walk, talking and living like He did in the midst of a world that didn't want Him around.
    Scripture:  various excerpts from the gospels illuminating how JC reacted and lived among those who hated Him.

Sunday Night:  We will be skyping with Tyler Anderson, who owns a roller rink as his mission to help edify union in the church body and reach a lost community.  He will be sharing stories of how God has used him and the roller rink ministry to connect and affect those God has placed in his path.  He will be drawing a picture of how his identity in Christ has been developed and what it looks like as God shapes everything that unfolds in his life and ministry.  We will also consider our role in the overarching move of the entire Body of Christ with of us playing a greatly needed role.
    Scripture:  1 Corinthians 12:20

March 6,2013 9:53 AM

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