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Protecting Consumers - God and His Image...

This week our focus has been on God's image and why it's so important to Him, and why it's so important for us to know it and how it is actually good for us to be protective of it also.

Wed Night:  John Mullholand from Naperville Christian Church in Naperville Illinois came down to draw out attentions to the weight of Gods image and why God would be so protective of it.  Why is Gods image so important anyway?  Focusing our discussion on the first three commandments (do you know what they are?) we talked about how they protect God's image and how they are good and helpful to us.
   Scripture:  Exodus 20:1-6                             We watched this video:

Sun Morning:  We reviewed the significance of the first three commandments and what we talked about Wednesday night.  We moved forward to tie in these commandments to our very creation.  God created man and woman in His image, so as we learn about Gods image we learn about our own, as we learn how to protect Gods image we are learning how to protect ourselves and live the way we were truly meant to.
   Scripture:  Exodus 20:1-6, Gen 1:27

Sun Night:  We will be going to Ainesis (eye-knee-sis) which is a large group of the local area youth groups getting together to celebrate Jesus and learn about Him as a collective whole.  We will be meeting at Lane Christian Church in Lane Illinois where we will have a time of worship, prayer and a focused lesson.  I've been asked to speak at the event and I will be focusing Gods Kingdom and what it looks like, what it was meant to look like and our participation in it.
   Scripture:  Mark 4:26-29, Matthew 13 (reviewing the majority of the parables in this chapter)   

                   We will watch this video:  (this video seems to be having difficulty with a new viewer Youtube is beta testing.  If you have troubles viewing it please try again on another browser or at a later time - or I can get you the raw video on a disc if you like)

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March 17,2013 4:27 PM

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