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To BE... Attitudes...

What are the Beatitudes?  We've addressed them on Sunday mornings but what are they, how do they affect me, why do I care?

This week we are taking a look at Matthew 5, 3 times in 3 different ways...

Wednesday night:  We will be addressing the beatitudes from the perspective of us having these attitudes that Jesus is teaching about.  This is good for us to learn and implement them because it aligns us with sharing the same qualities that God the Father, and Son have.  Guess what, we were made in His image and when we begin to learn what He looks like and then look like him then we begin to experience a brand new joy.  We will find the contrasting attitudes that one might have other than those Jesus speaks about. 
   Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12
                                                                  Video:  (Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol:  the point of this video is drawing out attention to a mindframe that glorifies shrugging off God and what He has to offer (We don't need anything, or anyone) to search out our own lives and do whatever we want, living in opposition to these Beatitudes.  I've also attached the worksheet we will be going through.

Sunday morning:  We will continue to look at Matthew 5, but looking more closely at how each attitude reflects God and His character and how that brings about the joy that seems to await us.  (Great is your reward in heaven)
   Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12, Rev 21-22

Sunday night:  We will be bringing Nehemiah Burian (my brother) into the conversation.  Raised in the church and yet globally traveled, experienced in a wide variety of cultures, and exposed the many religions of this world he has a unique view of these teachings of Christ.  He will be bringing the perspective that the benefits and promises that Jesus declares should be coming from us, the Kingdom, His children.  Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.  We, the kingdom, should be comforting those who mourn.  We will systematically break down each of the beatitudes in 5:1-12 finishing on the golden rule.
   Scripture:  Matthew 5:1-12, Matthew 7:12

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March 20,2013 6:28 PM

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