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Defend, Distract, Attack...

This week we are focusing on Spiritual Warfare, specifically how we are distracted and attacked into submission to temptation, sin, despair, fear and more.  I want to look at real things that bombard us throughout the 114 hours of lies we encounter every day.  I want YOU as parents and sponsors and teachers and friends, and Christian brothers and sisters to account for each other and your children.

Wednesday night:  We are going to talk to Tyler Evans who is familiar with MMA (mixed martial arts) and look at literal, physical moves that fighters use to distract their opponenets, attack their opponents, put their opponents into a submission and how an opponent would defend against these attacks.  We will be watching a clip from a video about silent hand signals and practicing them.  We will then move on to see how our opponent distracts us, deceives us, attacks us, brings us to submission and breaks us down making his next attack easier.  We will briefly touch on defense and how to prevent his attacks (this will be focused on Sunday)
    Scripture:  Ephesians 6:12, 1 John 5:4-5, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, 2 Corinthians 11:14              video:  (a video on tactical hand signals)

* Please spend some time talking with your children about these issues here are some questions and talking points to consider having with them based on what we plan to talk about...
  1.  Here are ways that I am attacked/distracted/deceived/subdued. (I would encourage you to be careful not to become a casual friend in how much you reveal but I do believe that your children need to experience your frailty to trust you with their own)
  2.  How do you see your friends being attacked and subdued? (at home, at school, with friends, with family)
  3.  How are you being attacked and subdued?
  4.  Here is how I am able to defend against attacks from Satan.
  5.  How do you think you could defend against attacks from Satan?

Sunday Morning:  We will dig into the armor of God and address each item individually.  We will look at how we might be able to use each piece of armor to prepare for an attack and how to use it always.
    Scripture:  Ephesians 6:10-20

Sunday Night:   We are going to get nitty, gritty and personal.  We will share (confidentially) with each other temptations, sins and struggles that we wrestle with.  (This will be, as much as can be, kept appropriate for each sex.  If issues are getting to intimate, girls and boys may be separated to be the most beneficial)  Then we will spend some time encouraging each other and
    Scripture:  James 5:16,  1 John 1:9

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