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This week will wrap up HIN and lead into a new adventure... (After HIN schedule to follow shortly)

Wednesday night:  Both Junior High and Senior High will be watching a film together.  We will be watching a movie addressing the issues that distract us from actual reality, and actual truth.  How many hours a week are we bombarded with lies? (ask a student in the youth group)  Satan lies and distracts us and convinces us that a dead world full of sin is actually living, but Jesus is there wanting to give us life... abundantly...
    Scripture:  Romans 6:23, John 10:10, John 3:16                                                                 film: The Truman Show

Sunday morning:  We will spend the morning setting the stage for a discussion (in the evening) about how we can be sure that Christianitiy is right and that there is no other way to God/heaven.  We will also be talking about upcoming events such as camp, NYR, fundraisers, outings and other prospects for the summer.
    Scripture:  John 14:6

Sunday night:  We will continue our focus on building up our armor of God and have Mark Howard skype in to join a conversation about why Christianity is right, and why it's okay to say that other religions are wrong.  How do I know Christianity is right?  How can someone tell someone else they are wrong, and do it in love?  We will be looking at other religions and how they fall apart in the face of the truth.
   Scripture:  John 14:6

April 17,2013 12:06 PM

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