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This week we are going to be focusing on the reality of God in relation to our relationships.  How does God and Jesus fit into life.  What do I need to do to get in to the party?  How good do I really need to be when it comes to my family, my friends, my time, my money, my life so that God will let me in?  God is building a Kingdom, He's throwing an eternal party, and He wants you to be part of it.  It's not a matter of getting on the guest list, it's simply a matter of joining in on what God is already doing.

Wednesday:  We will be having a guest teaching, Chris Southam, Emilee's Father, and he has been moved by God over that last couple of years to really get a solid understanding of what 'life' actually looks like when Christ begins to interfere with every aspect of what we do, not simply go to church, or claim to be a Christian.  We will be studying the rich young ruler and what it looks like when we are more concerned with trying to be good enough rather than actually finding out what God is doing and joining Him.
   Scripture:  Mark 10:17-27, Matthew 19:16-26                                                   Video:

Sunday Morning:  We will look at another party that Jesus taught about.  Where a person of significant importance threw a party and yet his honored guest refused to join the celebration, so the King sent out messengers to invite anyone and everyone who would come.  We will discuss what that looks like for us today, and what Jesus is trying to do here and now.
    Scripture:  Matthew 22, Luke 14

Sunday Night:  Last week our efforts to study what was planned was interrupted by instead digging into the word of God to understand why God is about God and making His name bigger and better and bringing Himself more glory, and why that is actually a very good thing for us.  This week, Lord willing, we will return to looking at living by the spirit. Taking one more step closer to understanding what it looks like to see the world and decisions through the lens of Christ.
   Scripture: Romans 8

May 8,2013 10:53 AM

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