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As summer kicks into gear we will shifting ours a bit.  Wednesday evenings will be changing and moving from the SCC building to a different families property each week.  During these times lesson time will vary greatly and so too will it's content. 

Wednesday:  This week we will be taking a look into a number of reasons why the Bible is reliable.  We will be reviewing historical facts and other proofs and evidences for it's reliability.  This will only be a brief overview of a much larger picture but hopefully will set us up nicely for a summer riddled with stories and potentially difficult to understand lessons.  We will be utilizing books "The Unshakable Truth", "I don't have enough faith to be an Atheist", "Reasons for Belief" and "Evidence for Christianity".  If you or your children are interested in these or others they are available in my office.  Please ask your children what reasons they have to believe in the Bible, share with them why You believe in the Bible and grow with them as they seek to understand hard truths in a world that wants to throw them out the window.  We will be watching an excerpt from the "Epic Miniseries" The Bible, viewing the story of the Exodus where Moses leads the Israelites across the parted red sea.

Scripture:  Exodus (referenced)                                 Video: The Bible excerpt (Moses crossing the red sea)

Sunday morning:  My dad will be visiting and he will be joining the conversation as we dive into a new direction for the Sunday morning studies.  As we've been following up on Sunday mornings with what has been discussed earlier in the week, we will be changing this direction as I see it to be potentially more beneficial.  We are going to try to spend our time instead on simply going through a book of the Bible.  Last week we talked about the change and took a vote.  Revelation was the overwhelming desire of the high school class to study.  My father has spent years studying Revelation and will be an excellent starting point for us to jump from.  He will be providing us with the four basic views of the book of Revelation and will be answering questions that the kids have.  From that point starting next week we will be reading the entire book, verse by verse dialoguing about each verse as we encounter them.

Sunday evening:  The last two weeks we have been taking the time to, instead of sitting on my couches, go out and interact with the elderly of our community.  We are going to continue this trend this weekend.  We will meet at my house at 6pm and car pool to our destination, which will be local, and serve our brothers and sisters in whatever capacity they need most.  For the last two weeks we have simply spent time with them, talking with them, installing technology, dusting, and enjoying ice cream. 

May 29,2013 6:23 PM

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