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The Innovation of Lonliness

Welcome back to a more organized schedule for the youth. This is what we'll be looking at and studying this next week.

Wednesday night:  We will be taking a look at the significant impact that Devices, Social media, and other ways our world has created for us to interact without actually connecting is detrimental to our relationships and to ourselves.  We will look at the importance of having real, real relationships and how we were created to exist in proper relationships with each other and with God.  We will take a look at the reality of damage that can occur when relationships are not healthy or invite and entertain sin (the fall).  We were created in the image of relationship for relationship yet we live in a world/society/culture that glorifies individualism and encourages each person to be their own person.  We will look at the different kinds of relationships we engage in and also take a look at our relationship with other Christians operating as the Body. 

Sunday Morning:  We will continue to study the book of Revelation.  We will be in Chapter 17 looking at the Prostitute and the Beast.  I generally take the stand on this book that it's contents were most relevant to the books original readers.  I do however expose the kids to differing views of the book.

Sunday Night:  The entire church will be out at the Sommer's residence, but around 6-6:30 I will rally the high schoolers to meet in their small groups for a short time to catch up on the week and encourage each other as necessary. 

Monday Morning:  We had our first Bible Study at the school Monday (9/16/13) and so far as we know will continue to meet regularly Monday mornings in Miss Sturms' room.  We started the study with looking at John 17 and addressing the importance of our unity and that an unbelieving world will come to know that the Father sent Jesus if we are united.  Next week we will begin a journey through the book of James (their choice). 

September 16,2013 12:04 PM

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