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Since there was no HIN I did not post a Q &A.  This past Sunday morning we continued in Revelation chapter 19 looking at the coming King riding a white horse and how he destroys evil and protects His people, and why it is good that He waits to do so.  Sunday night we started our look into 1 Timothy by reading through chapter 1 together and discussing it, then breaking up into our guys and girls small groups to discuss the issues in our hearts and lives.


Monday:  We read and discussed James 1:5-8 looking at what it means to want wisdom, when we need it and how we use it and then discussed the weight of these verses warning us to believe and not doubt when we ask.

Wednesday: For HIN so far we've addressed the reality that we were designed for relationships and that they are actually incredibly important in our lives.  Relationships are meant to be a key element of our lives but there is terrific damage that occurs when we force or create relationships for our personal interests instead of seeking relationships designed by the Lord.  This week we will be looking at Gods relationship with Himself, our relationship with our-self, and our relationship with God.  Where do these overlap and where have compartmentalized them?  Next week Nathaniel Iman will be skyping in to teach about the risks and rewards different relationships have us.
    Scripture:  1 Samuel 12:22, Jeremiah 17:9, Zephaniah 3:17 and John 6:40

Sunday morning:  We will continue through Revelation chapter 20 and will get to see aspects of Gods character and person that we only see in this chapter, giving us a greater understanding of who God is.

Sunday night:  We will continue in 1 Timothy reading through chapter 2 together and discussing it as we go.  We will also again break up into our guys and girls small groups to talk about the issues of the week, where we've fallen short, where we've succeeded, and where we want to go. 

September 30,2013 5:27 PM

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