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Risk and Relationship

Monday: Bible study met at 7:30... We read James 1:9-11 and discussed what it meant to be lowly, why it's something to boast in and how to encourage each other while we are learning how to be lowly throughout the week.  An unbelieving world will know that Jesus is the Son of God when they see us united as one.

Wednesday (HIN):  Nathaniel Iman will be skyping in once again to teach about the potential risks we encounter when engage in relationships that we pursue instead of allowing God to prepare us for and cultivate in His timing.  We've been working together to prepare this lesson for a few weeks and it will fit right in to where we are going with our Wednesday evening lessons on relationships and purity.
    Scripture: Luke 6:46-49 

Sunday morning:  Due to our preparation schedule for last Sunday we were unable to get into Revelation, so this week we will continue with last weeks plan to read and discuss Revelation chapter 20 (see last weeks Q and A for details - Yours, mine and ours)

Sunday Night: we will continue in 1 Timothy and meeting in our small groups to encourage each other and reflect on the weeks goings-ons...

October 7,2013 11:52 AM

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