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Rewards and Relationship

Monday: No school bible study will resume next Monday

Wednesday:  Last week Nathaniel Iman skyped in and had us look at the picture of Abraham and Sarah and the differences between their efforts to create relationship (with Hagar) and submitting to God's design for relationship.  There are serious risks we run when we engage in relationships of all sorts that are outside the context of God's design.  This week we will be looking the rewards that come with us choosing to submit to relationships that are God centered and when we are willing to let God determine our relationships instead of us taking the lead.  We will look at Saul and his relationship with David, and in contrast we will view David's relationship with Jonathan and the rewards that come with it.
    Scripture: 1 Samuel 20

Sunday morning: Finish up revelation with chapters 21 and 22.  We looked at the reality of Hell in chapter 20 and this week we will burst open the floodgates of the glory of God and His eternal glory and our forever with Him.

Sunday night:  We will get into 1 Timothy chapter 3.  last week we saw the significance of Men stepping up and submitting to God in prayer and service, and the importance of our sisters encouraging us and building us up pointing us to Jesus.  

October 14,2013 11:54 AM

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