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Monday morning:  We continued in our journey through James and discussed what it is we know that we should do, and being willing to listen to what it is we should do.

Wednesday night HIN: We will be focusing on the concept of purity.  What is it and why should I care.  We will first however start the evening before dinner with a video about the changing of the leaves on the trees in Autumn.  This will set us up to ready our hearts to be challenged on what we think about purity.  When talking about purity we will be addressing physical purity, and a renewed decision for those who have surrendered to impurity before, but our primary focus will be a purity of heart.  For out of the heart flows what lies inside each of us, whether a life spring, or evil.
     scripture: 1 Thess 4:3-8, 2 Cor 5:18-21, Luke 6:45, Phil 4:8                                                video:

Sunday morning:  Two weeks ago we finished Revelation, and this Sunday we will start from the beginning in Genesis.  We will be covering the basics through Genesis not necessarily reading every chapter and verse.  This week we will go over the creation and the fall of man through Cain and Abel (Lord willing).

Sunday night:  Linda Hunt is providing us with Casey's pizza so the High school kids are welcome to arrive at my place at 5:30 when we will begin the food eating process.  We will be viewing a christian produced documentary called UFO conspiracy.  This film takes a look at the 'alien activity' going on around in our world and our fascination with extra terrestrials.  Ultimately, in a very tactful way, this documentary proposes that any and all "alien" encounters are simply our enemy, Satan, doing his level best to deceive the nations and peoples giving them more excuses to not believe in God and distract them from ever encountering Him.  We will follow the video with an open forum discussion, this will tie into our understanding of where we finished up in Revelation.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  This film can be viewed on Netflix.

Next week:  Next Wednesday night HIN (high school only) we will talking about sex and where it belongs and how beautiful it is when it is had where it belongs (we will be breaking up into groups guys, and girls for the lesson).  We will be looking at the seriousness of the act and it's significance (Isaac and Rebekah), the selflessness of it (song of Solomon), and the implications of what happens when it's practiced outside of marriage (sin and separation, as well as the real physical and emotional damages caused).  We will also define sex as any act that involves yourself and another person in sexual stimulation and action.  (we will openly address the different interactions that are sex and how the world tries to excuse certain actions and acceptable).

October 29,2013 9:27 AM

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