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Biblical Marriage...

Monday:  Lauren led the reading of James 2:1-9 and started the conversation with some discussion about it, talking about our own hearts that play favorites.

Wednesday:  We will be taking a look at what marriage is, biblically.  How the Bible expresses marriage is not defined by culture and the laws of the country that one may live in.  So we will look at the seriousness of marriage, the covenant commitment between a man and a woman, and what it entails, with our primary focus in Ephesians 5 while looking at some old testament examples.
    Scripture:  Ephesians 5:22-33

Sunday morning:  Man we are not getting through Genesis like we thought we would.  We will just now be getting to chapter 4 this week.  (We will also be having a parent meeting after service this week please stick around.

Sunday night:  We are planning on getting into 1 Timothy once again to discuss and break down the scripture in chapter 4.  Parents please don't look at Sunday nights as another church activity that your kids should be attending.  Sunday nights are intended for an in depth desire to study and get deeper into the word and wrestle with some serious theological items.  If your child is not in a place where they are ready to dig deeper and take this interaction seriously please don't force them to come.

Next week for Thanksgiving HIN we will be discussing relationships that we don't understand or relationships that scare us, with a focus on those with physical differences.  This HIN will be grouped for both the High school and Juinor High together. 

November 13,2013 9:37 AM

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