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High School: We will be taking a look at the differences between evolution and the chance options that go along with that idea in contrast with concept of an all powerful creator with purpose.  We will be just looking at the claims of each perspective and getting our hearts and minds ready for next week where Steven Beatty will be teaching the foundations and reasons why we can confident and believe not only in an Intelligent Design but also a design by a purposeful God.  (we will look at how we can trust that the Bible accurately tells us who that God is)
  video:  (unrelated to subject this will be a starter video for junior and senior high together)

Junior High:  Brenda is continuing to immerse the Junior High students in a biblical world view on relationships, with a primary focus on friendships this week. How do we let the good (Gods love, love from others, knowing what is safe-when to say yes) IN and ...keep the bad (harmful, mean and negative, when and how to say no) OUT.

Main:  The Elementary groups will be learning about Solomon, the son of David, and how he became King, and what his rule looked like.

High School
Sunday morning: We will be continuing through Genesis walking into chapter 16
Sunday night:  We've been going through Hebrews yet have been finding that our time Sunday nights is best spent with open discussion.  We will have Hebrews chapter 3 ready to go, yet ready to just open up to the conversations that on the hearts of those attending.

Monday morning: Leah Lauzon will be leading Bible study at Ridgeview in James 5

February 19,2014 9:13 AM

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