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Irreducibly complex and Christ...

Main: The Elementary students will be reviewing what they've been studying over the last few weeks

Junior High: Brenda will continue teaching how we can deal with negative relationships and conflict. Saying no to inappropriate ways of dealing with conflict and allowing the Holy Spirit to help us choose God's ways.

Senior High: We will be learning under Steven Beatty.  He will be breaking down a few sound reasons why we can be confident in the arguments for an Intelligent Designer (God) instead of the evolutionary attitudes of others.  We will look at a few different ideas including the notions of irreducibly complex organisms, and things that look like they've been designed such as the human hand and the human eye.

High School

Sunday morning: This week we are taking a break from Genesis, and will be spending the Sunday School hour talking about the differences between the Catholic perspective and our own.  Then we will be taking an adventure to Farmer City where we will be attending Catholic Mass.  Although there are many differences in our practices and even in the details of what we believe, Jesus is still the foundation of both of our beliefs.  We will be attending Mass service at 10:30 then we will be spending the lunch hour with the Pastor James Henning where we will eat pizza and have an open discussion about the things we don't understand regarding the differences between the Catholic perspective and our own. We should return around 1pm.

Sunday night:  Sunday night will be held at Kristi and Eric Kerns.  We will continue in our small groups.

Monday morning: We will finish up the last two verses in James chapter 4 with breakfast.

February 25,2014 10:57 AM

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