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Main: Solomon builds Gods' temple

Junior High: This week we will continue to work on relationships and setting healthy boundaries.  We will look at using God's word to show these boundaries where we look at harnessing
the good and keeping out the bad.

Senior High: We will be talking about the ONTOLOGICAL argument.  This is a big word to describe our ability to conceive in our minds the existence of God.  This is an argument that is very philosophical in nature but we will work to make it simple to understand. 

Sunday morning:  We will continue on our break from Genesis to follow up last weeks adventure to the Catholic church.  We will talk about differences we experienced and look through scripture to find truths and untruths. 

Sunday night:  We will meet at the Burian's place for small groups.  Boys will break off with boys and girls with girls.  We will look back at our last week and encourage each other with scripture and love.

Monday morning: We will begin chapter 5 of James.

March 5,2014 9:45 AM

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