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Is Jesus really who He claimed to be?

Main: God sends Jonah
Junior High: Part 3 of 4 in a video series of relationships that honor God
High School: Jeremy Goff and Jonathan have prepared a 30 minute video that will be shown during the lesson time.  It is a conversation between someone who is unsure if they believe Jesus is who He says He is and someone who is confident that Jesus not only existed, but is, in fact, God.  This will be an opportunity for kids who are questioning their faith, who want answers to give others who question their faith, and evidences for all to be confident that Jesus really is who He says He is.

High School ____
Sunday morning: We will continue through Genesis.  This week we will continue to read through Abra(ha)m's relationship with God and how this relationship is a beautiful picture for us to learn from today.  (Gen 17)

Sunday night:  Our Sunday night activities will be replaced with an outing to the Wherenberg Theater in Bloomington IL immediately following the service.  We will hit up a fast food joint for a quick lunch, then go to the theaters for a group experience of the film "God's Not Dead". Afterwards we will head over to Orange leaf, for debriefing and discussion about the film.  This event will be open to both Senior and Junior high students. 
    scripture: John 5 (main text)

Monday morning: We will have breakfast pizza for our first Monday morning Bible Study of April.  7:30am in Miss Sterms' room. 


upcoming:  Get ready for Spring... HIN is almost over.  If you've got kids in the Main session for HIN encourage them to get their last minute points in as a bike is on the line. 

When HIN is over for the semester, the Junior and Senior High will still meet.  A schedule is being drawn up.  Please keep an eye out for that schedule and be ready to be asked to provide a meal, or host a Wed night at your place. If you'd like to volunteer so I don't have to ask you, lemme know... lol...

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