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Mission to Mission, SD

Brothers and Sisters,

Please be in prayer as we are gearing up for our mission trip to Mission, SD. Those attending are:

    (Sponsors) Jim & Kim Kern, Jonathan & Emilee Burian, Stacy Landry, Kristina Taylor

    (Students) Devon Kelly, Natalia & Nikolai Beyer, Stacia Landry, Skyler & Dominic Austin, Leah Lauzon, Noah & Hannah Hamilton, Jessica Knell, Lauren Sutter and Addie Ramirez.

    (Families) Ramirez family, Shannon, Dawn and Reece.

We will leave July 11th at 6am for Mission, SD from the Edge.  As google flies it is just under a 12 hour drive, and as kids ride, we anticipate it to be a 14 hour drive. We will arrive (Lord willing) around 8pm Friday evening where we will divide into our quarters (boys over here and girls over there), set up our sleeping areas and then regroup for a short devo then it's off to bed.

Saturday: We'll enjoy breakfast together and when everyone is finally awake and ready to start the day we will begin decorations for the weeks VBS. Afterwards we will relax and stroll through the nearby sites and explore the reservation. We will end the day with a group devo and break up into small groups (boy over here and girls over there)

Sunday: Breakfast together and attending service at the White Eagle Christian Church.  After lunch Jack Moore (our host) will take us on a tour of reservation and the site we can enjoy throughout the week. We will also be doing door drops for VBS promotion starting the next day.

Monday - Thursday: We will begin our VBS (reproducing the VBS we put on at SCC June 16-20) at 10am and finish at noon with a lunch served to everyone who attended VBS that day. The afternoon will be filled with whatever work there is to be done around the grounds of the church and/or school. We will end the evening with a speaker, a time of personal quiet prayer and reflection, as well as music and worship. The evening sessions will be open to the high school students of the community as well. At the end of each nights time of worship and fellowship we will break into our small groups.

Friday: We are taking Friday to visit the sites of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse, as well as WallDrug (look it up, it's cool) while exploring the vastness of the badlands. We will return to Mission, SD Friday evening for a day to rest up before we head back home on Saturday.

Saturday: Wake up bright and early, pack up and leave around 6am. Arrive home around 8pm, just in time to go to bed so we're ready to share the experience with you all Sunday morning. 

Some students are still in need of some of the finances required to go on this trip. If you are willing to help out please let me know. 

We also will have a short list of items we need for our VBS, I will send out this list shortly before we leave if that is a way that you would be able to help us out in our efforts.

June 23,2014 12:28 PM

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