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Main: Proclaiming God's word (Nehemiah 8:2, 8:5-6)

J.H.: Learning how to talk about Jesus through service

H.S.: When we finally do tell people about Jesus there are a number of things for us to keep in mind. 1.People need hope 2. People need someone to reach out to them 3. People need opportunity to doubt without feeling threatened 4. People need time to sort things out 5. People need community and individual relationships 6. People need spiritual direction 7. People to understand real truth, not just ‘answers’ 8.People need us to be relevant to them 9. People need relationship with JesusChrist 10. People need YOU

Sunday: Continuing in our reading through Genesis. Jacob is reunited with His brother Esau and he gets to experience God's promise of blessings

Monday: If the paperwork is processed we will be meeting in Mr. Marchasie's room for our Monday Morning Bible study

October 6,2014 11:56 AM

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