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J.H. Continuing to learn the importance of our story in telling others about Jesus

H.S. Tonight we will look at 6 Biblical styles of telling other people about Jesus. 1. Confrontational, Peter found in Acts2:14-37.  2. Intellectual, Paul found in Acts 17:16-34. 3. Testimonial, Man Born Blind found in John 9:1-43.  4. Interpersonal, Jesus found in Luke 5:27-39.  5. Invitational, Woman at the well found in John 4:7-30.  6. Serving, Tabitha found in Acts 9:36-43.

Sunday - We will pick back up in Genesis

Sunday Night - We will watch the fourth video in the Jordan Howerton Band "Connect" worship series, break into small groups and discuss.

October 15,2014 4:04 PM

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