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Where to start?

HIN - 

Main: The Gospel Truth (Scripture: Matthew 14:22-23)

Junior High: What does our own story look like? J.H. will be answering some pointed questions about Jesus, what their lives look like, and how He fits into it, all for the purpose of being able to compose their own testimonies.

High School: Where to start? We will look at 5 different places where we can start from when looking at how to tell people about Jesus. 1. Evangelize people who already know you and are comfortable with you. 2. Start with the people in your culture. 3. Meet people where THEY are. 4. Apologize... for where others have failed them. 5. Win with the right life.

Sunday morning: Missionary gathering

Sunday night: 5:30pm Put love into action by serving, share a meal then hang out.

November 3,2014 9:41 AM

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