Question and Answer

Some do and Some don't


Main: The Messiah's Messengers Malachi 3:1, Isaiah 9:6, Luke 1:5-7

J.H.: Sitting in on the High School message then breaking off into small groups

H.S.: We will have a guest speaker Tony B. He will be joining us from Bloomington Il to share his story, and encourage us. He will be sticking around for a little bit afterwards for some Q and A. We will looking at the distinctions between those that choose to go to church and those that don't, and we will break down the reasons why people go and the reasons why people don't. Ultimately we will land on the realization that the most effective way, and the way Jesus did it, is to be in relationship with people to bring them to Christ. 


Sunday morning: Continuing Genesis

Sunday night: We will preview the Bible study for Monday morning

Monday morning: (last week the material hadn't arrived in time for Monday morning study) Lauren will be heading off the launch of our focused study on Monday mornings. 

November 18,2014 11:41 AM

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