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What does God love?


Main: Jesus' Mission John 3:16-18

5-6:Taking a step back to just look at what God's love looks like.

JH & HS: It's easy to pick up on and learn the things that someone doesn't like, and it can be difficult to learn what it is that people really enjoy. The same goes for God. We are all to familiar with the things that God doesn't like but not so much with the things He does like. So we will be spending this semester looking at what God does like. This Wednesday we will simply look at why this helps us know God better and why we should even talk about it.


Morning: We are looking at how to be breakable and allow God to show up and interfere in our lives, expecting great things from a great God.

Night: We will be watching the first half of the film 'Father of Lights' and discussing it.

Monday morning: Bible study at the school 7:30

January 19,2015 10:19 AM

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