Question and Answer

God Enjoys Knowing


Main: Jesus has power over nature

5-6: Taking a review look at Baptism to follow up and answer questions that have been left open.

JH - Stepping back to take a deeper look at God's Love

HS - We will talk about the question "Does God know all things?" In this light we will also consider the idea that if He does know all things, He enjoys it.

   Scripture: Romans 8:29,39

Sunday: We are on pursuit of learning how to plow up our hardened ground and allow God to break in and change our hearts from Routine to Revival. We will continue to look at how God used the prophets for this endeavor.

Sunday night: Superbowl Party at Kristi and Eric Kern's house, 5pm till game over. Bring a snack to share!!!

Monday: There is no Bible Study as the teacher who has opened up their room is on Paternal leave for another week.

January 27,2015 11:53 AM

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