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God Enjoys Process


Main: True Discipleship

5&6: Continuing the discussion on how vast God's love for us is

JH: Developing our understanding of our love for others

HS: God Enjoys Process. When we look at the unfolding story of how God reveals Himself to humans and how He interacts with them, in creation, in bringing about Jesus, and in our very salvation we see 'process'. We will be looking at how God enjoys going through the process of us learning about Him, and growing with Him.

    scripture: Exodus 20:11, 23:29, Phil 2:12   video: 

Sunday: Dumpster Diving 

Sunday night: Finish watching and discussing the film "Holy Ghost"

Monday: 1st Bible Study of April... that means it will include BREAKFAST!!!

April 6,2015 12:14 PM

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